Meditation for building up muscles. Follow these pro tips to stay fit and feel great

When people grow older their body also become less powerful and less efficient in work. As someone grow old their muscles starts to degrade by its own , their energy levels also decreases year after year and their joints also become less movable and they feel stiffness in their joints.


Meditation is the best way to stop them. When we meditate we are going through internal exercise which makes our brain much more effective and efficient which in turn does the same with our other body parts. Meditation is also very easy to follow and you do not have to go somewhere as you can do it anywhere.

As we grow old there is gradual declination in the levels of testosterone in our body. According to a medical research and average man lose 1 per cent of its testosteron level every year when he reaches 30 years of age. You can also fit this problem with the help 0f meditation. There are many testesterone level increaser available in market but nothing can compare with the meditation.

What meditation actually is?

In modern terms meditation is often referred to as “mindfulness”. This is an attempt to bring the image away from the stereotypes surrounding meditation. Meditation is nothing but it is the way through which you can connect with yourself and your inner self while ignoring your surrounding.

Since, the life of every person is very hectic and to overcome this meditation is the best medicine and you should increase it’s dose. It helps you to sooth your brain and nerves after a long busy day of work. Meditation allows you to calm your mind and deal with one issue at a time. In fact Arnold Schwarzenegger used meditation in the 70’s to cope with anxiety brought on by his growing fame.

How it helps to reduce stress

It does not matter what work are you doing, if you have very less stress level then you are definitely going to rock it. But, when you are stressed it affects your not only work efficiency but also have a bad impact on your brain as well which in turn can make a serious impact on your body. For reducing stress and to allow your body to rest just 5 minutes of meditation is enough. It will make you feel more energetic and will reduce your stress significantly low. Which in turn make your mood happier.

How meditation and muscle growth are related

Meditation can do more than just to maintain your emotional balance and decrease your stress. When you meditate you focus on only one thing and work on it much harder which is good for that part. Similar thing is for exercise , when you do exercise and you focus on only those part which are uiu are using than it will help you to grow that muscle much faster. You just have to do is focus on the muscle you are working on.

Other effects of meditation on your body

1. Improves sleep

When you meditate you are relaxing your body as well as your mind. You are making yourself alone way far from the world and looking Inside yourself and focusing on your internal you. This calms your brain and body which is necessary for having a good sleep. You can not sleep when you are stressed or thinking about something continuously.

2. Improves your mood which reduces the risk of depression

As you meditate you are taking sufficient and enough amount of oxygen iside your body , which is enough for your brain to work efficiently and effectively.

3. Boosts memory

It all depends on your brain condition, if your brain is at its optimum condition then it will definitely increase your memory. To take out the best out from your brain you have to make it calm, which can be done by meditation in just 5 minutes.

With a little effort and practice you’ll soon be following the steps to meditation daily and experiencing the positive results in all areas of your life. Meditation can help productivity at home and work as well as building your muscles.

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